Creative story telling in the theatre of the new world is more than telling a story creatively. It is telling a creative story. A story we can imagine, a story that connects with our creative interests, a story that excites exploration for  opportunities to become part of the community and play part in contributing to imagining and creating the story.

Roger Chilton
from My Point of View

The ability to frame and champion a compelling narrative is central to the work of transformational leadership. Great leaders are first and foremost creators of stories that galvanize others, – stories that can invest distant and challenging goals with meaning and appeal. Recent research in neuroscience has shown how human beings are hard-wired for stories. We have story-patterning brains, both constructing and attending to meaning in narrative form. But even without the brain-mapping confirmation of this, the powerful force of stories is evident throughout cultures and throughout history.

The Power of Story
Ric Young